(You Must be 21+ yrs old)

Hours of Operation: (FALL/WINTER) 10-3 Mon-Sat CLOSED SUNDAY.

Recreational weed delivery is illegal in Maine. OH NO!! FEAR NOT! It is COMPLETELY LEGAL for you to possess up to 2.5 ounces of Cannabis, or other products like vapes, edibles, concentrates, etc…

While the Great State of Maine is going through 420 growing pains why not avail yourself of our unique Psychic 420 Lost & Found Services?

We had a vision… and in this vision, you LOST your weed! We took the liberty of using our Psychic Powers to locate this weed and hold it for you. Obviously, it costs money to do this, so we will need a fee for our services!

What you need to do now that you LOST your weed (and we believe you did because we had the vision!) is go to our Shop Menu and tell us which one of the satchels you lost and we will happily return it for the fee, plus destination charge (varies per location meetup).

Short, sweet, and legal for both of us to possess weed. Isn’t that great?

Now we have been known to find the best weed in the entire State of Maine! So if you are wondering about the quality of the weed you lost, just take a look at the pictures, they are worth 1,000 words! You can also look at our NEWS MEDIA COVERAGE In the New Yorker.

You can pay us via CASH when we meet (We do not carry change, this can be a dangerous business for our Psychics if they had a bunch of cash on them). If that isn’t going to work for you, then you can also pay via crypto coins. We accept Bitcoin, You can purchase Bitcoin through Cashapp with your credit card and pay right here online with it.

There is a $150 Minimum Order Value that must be met to get a Free Drop if you are south of Biddeford.