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VIP Status

VIP Status is an earned classification. It requires that you earn 10,000 points through our loyalty system and then spend those points on this classification as a reward. It entitles you to the following:

  • A special phone number that goes directly to our VIP Services line that offers 24/7/365 psychic lost & found services. This means you can call on Christmas eve at 2am and ask for a delivery and get it.
  • Access to special lines of private reserve stock that no one else has access to. These reserves are kept for the owners, are usually VERY RARE, or simply INCREDIBLE.
  • Access to our VIP private Chef services.  Having a private gathering in your home and want to offer something different? A full cannabis infused menu? Cannabis infused appetizers, or desserts? Our cannabis chef is the best in the business.
  • Front of the line services - when you place your order you immediately go to the front of the line.  If we have what you ordered in stock our psychics take care of your recovery first and then go back to the normal queue order.

Requirements: Initially spend your 10,000 points on your VIP Classification, and generate a minimum of 2000 points a month to maintain your status. 



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